Australian Choice Exports is a highly specialised business catering to the human consumption grain and pulses markets of the world.


We are an experienced and agile company, offering the best prices through reduced overheads while maintaining the highest quality through our rigid quality assurance program. We take the time to  personally check the quality of each and every shipment.


We have over 25 years combined trading and industry service experience within the company. Our specialised trade allows us to provide excellent customer service, ensuring our clients receive exactly what they require every time.


Australian Choice Exports director, James Hunt has been involved in the Australian pulse exporting industry for over 18 years. His experience in the grains trade ranges from operating a grain processing and packing facility to selling in overseas markets. James is a leader in Australia’s pulse trade, having a reputation for solid market analysis and a thorough understanding of the global pulse trade.

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Australian Choice Exports offers Australia’s best quality grains and pulses through our experienced network of growers, traders & distributors.


Traders of all grains and pulses, Australian Choice Exports specialises in mungbeans (green & urid), chickpeas (desi & kabuli), dhals (mung, chana, masoor), whole faba beans, split faba beans, sorghum, cowpeas (choiri) and other speciality crops.


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Australian Choice Exports is located in Brisbane, with close connections to the rich grain growing regions of Queensland and New South Wales.


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